Despite this, the WonderSwan put up a great fight, securing a selection of great, often exclusive games during its limited time on release.

We take a look at the best examples currently available. How many did you play? The fact that the game is in English is a bonus. Mr Driller has to prevent the world being overrun by colourful blocks and does so by, er, drilling his way down through them. Gunpey is a puzzle title that sees you having to move a series of lines up or down the screen to create a full line, with combos of pieces achieving higher scores.

Each level involves Klonoa grabbing enemies and using them to vault while having to collect a number of gems to open the end of level doorway.

As the game progresses, puzzle elements kick in, where you have to locate keys in order to progress. Although black and white, the formula is as playable as ever and remains the same: make your way to the top of the screen using the power of the rainbow before moving onto the next level.

Addictive stuff. Rhyme Rider Kerorican Released: While boasting an odd name, Rhyme Rider is actually a great rhythm action title that deserves your full attention. It has a unique visual style full of vibrant colours, with the game world featuring a host of strange creatures that are jumped over by pressing the correct button s in time to the beat.

The in-game instructions are Japanese, but the boxed edition comes with a set of cards showing a picture of a creature along with the correct button combinations, making it easy to know what to do. Swan Colosseum is one of the better titles for the Wonderswan and is a 2D fighting game reminiscent of Guilty Gear.

Asides from being easy to start with, the inventive range of moves for each character gives the game depth. One of the best fighting titles on the system, so adventurers and owners of the machine should rightly lap it up. The main aim of the game is to guide the falling raindrops to the seed of a flower through a maze by moving the platforms.

As levels become more difficult, enemies such as snails will gobble up the water, thus making your life extremely difficult. Fail to complete a level within the time limit and the game is over.

Ganso Jajamura Kun Released: An arcade classic from Jaleco, this is one game that is easy to play and hard to put down. As a ninja, the aim is to defeat the enemies on each platform within the time limit, moving up the screen by jumping under specific blocks to break them, while being careful not to come into contact with the on-screen foes.

List of WonderSwan games

Featuring penguins, frogs and one-eyed umbrellas, the enemies are typically odd-ball yet all the better for it. Meaning that everyone can enjoy it. SD Gundam Operation U. C is a scrolling shooter featuring lots of huge robots and gigantic space ships.

Your main character has a gun for long distance combat and a sword for close-up encounters, and the non-stop action constantly keeps you on your toes. Successful battles enable you to level up, although losing a life means starting the whole thing from scratch.

Tags: gundamgunpeymr drillerone piecerainbow islandsTop Tenwonderswan.In a creative move that expands gameplay capabilities, the Bandai WonderSwan Color console has controls that allow gameplay traditionally or vertically.

Special editions of the beloved fantasy, sci-fi role-playing game are available on the WonderSwan Color with enhanced graphics specific to this console. An update from the original, the Color version has a powerful processor to support the bit console.

Battery life clocks in at over 10 hours on one AA battery. Connect two consoles together and play games with a friend to enjoy two-player games. My little wonderswan died, but I like playing with WonderBorg, so I was happy to pick this up. Verified purchase: Yes. One of the last great products produced by the master mind behind the original GameBoy. This is a must for a collector or enthusiasts of any level!

Verified purchase: No. About Bandai WonderSwan Color. Play vertically or horizontally. Final Fantasy fans, rejoice! Power up with a V30 processor. Link up for double the fun.

Each interval represents a 15 day period. There is no guarantee that items will always be listed at a price within the provided range. Compare Similar Models. Bandai WonderSwan Color. Release Year. Average Ratings of all 5. Top 2 High ratings. Works great My little wonderswan died, but I like playing with WonderBorg, so I was happy to pick this up Read full review Read less. Great product, never released in US, a must have!To play WonderSwan roms, an emulator is required.

Popular WonderSwan emulators include Cygne v2. View all WonderSwan emulators. Never download or run any files which do not come from dl. Advertisers may try to auto-download. Registered users do not receive ads. Find out how you can help get rid of ads for everyone.

Sorted by Popularity Rating Title. Final Fantasy 4 J [! Romancing Saga J [! Hataraku Chocobo J. Digital Monster Ver. WonderSwan J [M][! Final Fantasy J [T-Eng0. Final Fantasy II J. Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon J [M]. Super Robot Taisen Compact J [! WonderSwan Color J. Senkaiden Houshin J [M]. Wonder Stadium '99 J [M]. Senkaiden Houshin 2 J [M]. Nobunaga no Yabo J [M][! Hanafuda Shiyou Yo J [M][o1].

Densha de Go! Armored Unit J [M][o1]. Pocket Fighter J [M]. Pro Yakyu Rookies J [M].

Get Involved!

Memories off Festa J. With You Mitsumete Itai J [f1].


J [M]. Ganso Jajamaru Kun J [M]. Lime Rider Kerorikan J. Dark Eyes - Battle Gate J.The Bandai WonderSwan was a competitor to the Game Boy interestingly, both were created by the same guy that never made it outside of Japan, and so it doesn't have many games in English.

Much of its titles are anime-licensed and RPGs, but it also has a decent number of import-friendly fighters, platformers, and action games. The WonderSwan comes in three versions: the monochrome classic, the Color, and the Crystal.

All of them run on a single AA battery, with the following expected life:. There are also AC adapter and rechargeable battery pack accessories for those who'd prefer less battery expenditure.

Has a translation patch. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Drop some phat beats in a game that should need no introduction. Seems like it's in black and white only, but the sound is surprisingly impressive!

Take a listen for yourself. It's like Pokemon but you make your own monsters, really good spritework and high difficulty. You may vaguely remember seeing the anime localized as "Fighting Foodons". Excellent strategy game by Square, the graphical quality is just amazing it looks like a GBA game. A port of the Playstation game in nice monochrome 2D, just as good but some prefer this for portability and such.

Infamously rare dungeon crawler that has some damn good gameplay. It's also very fast paced for the genre, especially impressive given the hardware at the time. Still, check this out and you'll see why so many have begun the trek to hunt it down. There are three Battle Spirit games on the WonderSwan all in colorand they're all fighting games in platform-filled arenas, like Smash Bros.

The WonderSwan Color Project - All 90 WSC Games (US/EU/JP)

Instead of health, you grab your opponents' balls "D-Spirits" which fly out in varying amounts when hit, while trying not to get your own balls grabbed. The first and third games were lazily ported to the GBA in English a static border makes up the difference in screen sizebut Ver. They're all fun and easy to play regardless of the language and Digimon barriers.

In FF4, you can choose between the original and easytype versions. Still, they're interesting to try if you ever wanted to hear how the music might have sounded in 8-bit-esque sound.The WonderWitch is a commercial development kit for the WonderSwan. The kit allowed any person able to develop software in the developing language C, to create software for the WonderSwan. The WonderWitch was not for everybody as good programming skills were required to be able to use it.

The development kit was also expensive considering that the consoles were sold to half the price of the WonderWitch. Even without being a huge success, the WonderWitch was able to gather a very active community of WonderSwan developers which gave the idea to Bandai and Qute to create a programming contest. More than entries were accepted.

On May 3rd,the contestants selected by the popular votes were invited to the Bandai Headquarters. Following the success of the first contest, Qute released the WonderWitch Player.

WonderSwan Roms

The other winners were as follows:. Only 57 entries were submitted. The entry of the edition was far less impressive than the previous years and none of the title were released in an official WonderSwan format. The WonderWhich ended its support alongside the discontinuation of the SwanCrystal in The cartridge was made of:. Skip to content. Search for:. Program files up to KB can be stored. Includes system use areas.


Work file of up to 64 KB can be stored. Share the Knowledge. Console Name: WonderSwan.The WonderSwan [a] is a handheld game console released in Japan by Bandai. It was developed by Gunpei Yokoi 's company Koto Laboratory and Bandaiand was the last piece of hardware Yokoi developed before his death in Released in in the fifth generation of video game consolesthe WonderSwan and its two later models, the WonderSwan Color and SwanCrystal were officially supported until being discontinued by Bandai in During its lifespan, no variation of the WonderSwan was released outside of Japan.

Later improvements took advantage of quality upgrades to the handheld's screen and added color. The WonderSwan is playable both vertically and horizontally, and features a unique library of games, including numerous first-party titles based on licensed anime properties, as well as significant third-party support from developers such as SquaresoftNamcoCapcom and Banpresto.

Overall, the WonderSwan in all its variations combined to sell an estimated 3. Retrospective feedback praises the potential of the WonderSwan despite its low sales and its brief time holding its own against Nintendo in the marketplace. Founded in by Naoharu Yamashina, Bandai was originally a manufacturer of toy cars and plastic models, but became a major player in the toy industry through the licensing of popular anime characters beginning with Tetsuwan Atomu in In the s, Bandai manufactured both LCD games based on television programs and dedicated consoles.

Inthe company released the Intellivision in Japan, and in it became one of the first third-party licensees on the Family Computer. However, the company's greatest success in electronic games, was the Tamagotchi virtual pet first released in Bandai's board of directors decided to oppose the merger less than a week after approving it, and Sega in turn decided to accept Bandai's actions at an emergency board meeting later that day.

Bandai president Makoto Yamashina took responsibility for failing to gain the support of his company for the merger. After the failure of the Virtual Boyhowever, he left the company in in order to create his own engineering firm, Koto Laboratory. The WonderSwan was officially unveiled in Tokyo on October 8, The WonderSwan launched on March 4, [4] and was available in nine casing colors: pearl white, skeleton green, silver metallic, skeleton red, blue metallic, skeleton blue, skeleton black, camouflage, and gold.

Three limited edition two-tone models were also released in frozen mint, sherbet melon and soda blue. Similar to the Atari Lynxthe handheld has an extra set of buttons allowing the console to be played at different angles; for the WonderSwan, these buttons were used to allow gamers to play games in both the portrait and landscape orientations. The WonderSwan series are all powered by a single AA battery, with the original monochrome version having a battery life of 40 hours.

The physical measurements of the WonderSwan Color are Its CPU is a 3. The screen on the WonderSwan Color can display up to colors out of a palette ofand up to 28 sprites per line. It offers backward compatibility with all previous WonderSwan titles. This helped to reduce motion blur in the handheld's graphics. The unit's case was also redesigned to be more durable.

Its approximate battery life is 15 hours. Games for the original WonderSwan would not have color on a WonderSwan Color, and would display in its original grayscale. Several features and accessories were developed for the WonderSwan.This is a list of games for the Bandai WonderSwan handheld video game system, organized alphabetically by name, with the catalog number where known.

The system and its games were not released outside Japan. There are [a] games released on the original Wonderswan and they are compatible on every version of Wonderswan.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Video game lists by platform. ColecoVision Coleco Adam.

Oculus Rift Oculus Quest. Categories : Japan-exclusive video games Video game lists by platform WonderSwan games. Hidden categories: Articles with short description. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. November 18, December 29, April 28, Buffers Evolution.

December 9, Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon for WonderSwan. February 10, Clock Tower for WonderSwan. December 22, Densha de Go!


October 7, Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer. Digimon Adventure: Cathode Tamer. January 20, Digimon Adventure D1 Tamers.


August 3, March 25, January 6,

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