Lg v40 tweaks

Lg v40 tweaks

LG recently started the rollout of Android 10 update for V50 in select regions. The flagship arrived with pre-installed Android 8. Android 11 is the upcoming major and final update for both V50 and V40 flagships, since both the devices are approaching the end of two-year cycle. Google launched the first Developer Preview of Android 11 on February 19th, for the Pixel series flagships except the original Pixel lineup.

The first preview is a very early build, but it contains many awesome new features and refinements. The Search Giant planned to rollout two more developer previews and three more betas before the final release in Q3 of This time, V50 or V60 flagships may take part in the Beta testing of Android However, as the final build is coming most likely in August,the users of V50 will receive the stable build of the next android version in November or December, The first preview of Android 11 contains many interesting features like screen recorder, scheduled dark mode, Bluetooth on Airplane mode, improved permissions and so on.

In the previous android versions, Bluetooth also turns-off automatically when the user switch on the Flight mode.

So active bluetooth connections with wireless pods also breaks down which is really annoying. Now in Android 11, the Search Giant fixes the issues and it is live in the first developer preview. The feature previously appeared in the beta version of Android 10 but disappeared in the final beta and official release. However, the feature becomes mature and returns in Android LG V50 and V40 Users can start the recording by tapping on the Quick Settings toggle and the recording UI will appear with an option to record through Microphone and also show taps on the screen.

Users can stop the recording though the notification. More refinements may come in the upcoming beta of Android Google refined app permissions to next level in Android Previously, when any app request for permission like location only two options, whether allow or deny appears. In Android 11, a new option called as One Time only which allows the app to use permission one time only. So when any new app requests for critical permissions like storage or Location, V40 and V50 ThinQ users can give One Time permission which is better for security.While photography usually gets all the love, our phones have gotten really good at capturing video.

Think about it — when was the last time you needed a camcorder for a vacation? With mobile cameras getting better each year, we're now at a point where smartphones can be used for pro-level videography. Just like image quality, video performance varies heavily among phones. There are phones that take excellent photos but average video, and vice versa. Then there are phones that make editing your videos a breeze, and others that turn it into a chore. We tested all the major flagship phones from the top brands to get to the bottom of these issues.

So whether you're shooting for Instagram fame or just wanting to capture your family's precious moments without sacrificing quality, we believe we've found the five best phones on the market for recording and editing video. These phones in the above chart weren't picked at random — they're our five finalists.

To narrow down the field to only the best of the best, we started by setting some ground rules. As we're an American website, we only chose phones that were officially released in the US. While you can technically get some of these phones in the US, they will have limited LTE service in the States and won't have a manufacturer's warranty, so we could not recommend them to our readers. A second major requirement was that every phone had to at least shoot at 4K resolution p. So to offer your viewers the best quality, you need to be able to shoot in 4K.

lg v40 tweaks

Even if your content is being viewed on a phone with lower resolution, the quality will still be better. Beyond that, we only considered current generation phones to make sure each of our recommendations would hold up to the test of time. Take the LG V40, for instance. While the V30 is an amazing phone from the perspective of videography, it's almost two years old and unlikely to receive future firmware updates.

Similarly, though the LG V50 has been announced, it's not available at the time of this writing, so we had to leave it off the list. Because videography has expanded to all environments, we believe it's important that each phone here is water resistant. The only certified way to confirm this is with an IP rating, so we only considered models that topped out at an IP68 rating to preserve your ability to film in water as deep as one and a half meters for as long as 30 minutes.

LG Quad DAC Tips, Tricks, Etc...

We also decided that each phone on our list had to support a slow-motion mode at least fps. Mobile videographers these days are taking advantage of this feature for clever videos, so we feel it's a must for any phone to be considered among the best in this category.

Finally, we only listed one variant of each phone. In these cases, we went with the largest variant of the device since a bigger screen will be helpful with editing videos. Similar to the Galaxy Note 9 before it, it's a phone that is remarkably good at so many things. Based on our testing, the level of dedication to make the rear camera great at photos was also extended to its video performance.

The first is the front-facing camera's ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps. Not only is the resolution impressive every other device on our list is limited to pbut the fact that you can record at the higher frame rate of 60 fps is awe-inspiring.

While both modes are limited to p, with enough lighting, you can take some fantastic videos capturing action that you could never see in real-time.

While fps is limited to less than half a second, being able to cut the frame rate in half for double the performance can be helpful for a similar style of video. This should come as no surprise, as both Samsung and Amazon are pushing this new standard for broader adoption. You can shoot in either, orall with the preinstalled app. For the other phones, you need to download a third-party app to accomplish this.

Aside from its unique features, Samsung also does a few things better than its competition. However, for videos which will have a higher degree of motion such as action videosthere is Super Steady mode. Using the Ultrawide camera for a similar look to GoPro camerasyou get even better stabilization.

You do lose OIS and autofocus since the Ultrawide doesn't support these features, but you get some of the best stabilization available.That You Must Check Out. The software also plays an important role in making it a complete experience. The LG V40 ThinQ is the first phone in the world that lets you take an ultra wide-angle shot or zoom in, thanks to the three cameras on its back.

Simply double-tap the screen to wake it up. This lets you start doing stuff without having to pick the phone up and locate the rear power button. Tap and hold an icon to drag it to a new position. Toggle it on and off or tap on Floating Bar to go in and customize what it does. The basic Android method for capturing a screenshot is to press and hold the Power button and simultaneously press and hold the Volume down button until you hear a screenshot sound and see an onscreen animation indicating that a screenshot has been captured.

Go to the screen or video you want to capture and tap the arrow to unfurl the Floating Bar, then tap the pencil icon to take a basic screenshot that you can then annotate.

Review: LG V40 ThinQ

How to Keep your Facebook account safe and secure in Unless you do the following:. At just 1, x pixels, the Low setting is a step too far for us.

If none of that works for you, then it may be time to shop for a good portable charger. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. We can solve your problem. If you liked this post share it on social FacebookTwitterGooglePlus, Instagram, LinkedInTumblr media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content.

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lg v40 tweaks

Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How to disable Facebook video auto-play on Android. To Top.We have retested this device using the new Wide and Night test protocols and updated the scores in this review, but we have not changed the text from the original review.

When the LG V40 ThinQ first appeared in lateits 5-camera offering 3 rear, 2 front raised eyebrows and expectations. The triple-cam on the rear was also the first to offer a focal range with an ultra-wide 16mm-equivalent to 2x tele-lens. In addition to its multi-cam array, the V40 comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and octa-core processor and a 6. Please note: The LG V40 ThinQ review and scores have been updated after we discovered an error in our exposure testing.

The exposure score was increased from 83 to 88 points. This also increased the Photo score from 96 to 98 and the overall DxOMark score from 93 to 94 points. This article is designed to highlight the most important results of our testing. More details on how we score smartphone cameras are available here. At 87 points, its Video performance is good as well, particularly for color and detail. Although the V40 sometimes renders the sky more cyan than blue, this may well be a matter of color signature rather hue shift per se.

As for exposure and contrast, the V40 does very well in most lighting conditions.

lg v40 tweaks

Backlit shots, such as the Eiffel Tower shot below, can show noticeably haloing around high-contrast edges, however. Some highlight detail can be lost in the background of backlit portraits but face exposure is usually acceptable. Overall dynamic range is decent but if you look closely at the high-contrast samples below the shadow areas are a little less controlled than on the Apple iPhone XS Max, with higher noise levels and a more noticeable loss of detail.

In high-contrast indoor scenes, chromatic noise is visible, however. On the plus side, the V40 applies blur to the foreground as well as to the background. The addition of a tele-lens is a welcome development.

Of course, LG engineers will need to tune the feature further, particularly in terms of noise and artifact control, so as to boost the performance in subsequent models. In addition the image is noticeably softer close to the edges to the frame compared to the center.

lg v40 tweaks

As for video, the V40 puts in a good performance, particularly in terms of color and details. In fact, with the exception of noise control, it actually outperforms the Galaxy Note 8 for video overall. This said, however, it shows some instabilities in autofocus, and target exposure is sometimes low in outdoor footage.

Further, as the graph below shows, while the V40 has a brief moment of glory a little above 5 lux, when it handles temporal noise a bit better than the competition, it loses that edge as light increases. We are looking forward to seeing further improvements in the recently-released LG G8, which we plan to test in the very near future.

Read more about our Comment Policy. The LG V40 ThinQ captures pleasant colors in good lighting conditions, even though blue skies tend toward cyan. LG V40 ThinQ, haloing on high-contrast edges. LG V40 ThinQ, crop. LG G40 ThinQ, 5x zoom. LG G40 ThinQ, crop.When problems occur on your LG V40 ThinQ, there is one thing that can almost immediately fix them, a reset. In this post, I will walk you through in doing different types of reset on your device as you may need them in the future.

This is also what we call a Forced Reboot and you it will be helpful in dealing with a device that got frozen or unresponsive for some reason. It should be done instead of pulling the battery out since the V40 ThinQ has a non-removable battery.

Most of the time when this procedure is done, your phone will work properly but if not, then you still have other reset procedures below. The following changes will occur after doing this procedure:. In addition to that, only the mobile data connection will be left turned on so if you want to connect to a wifi network, you will have to enable it and allow your phone to scan the area for available hotspots. Before doing this though, make sure to backup all your important files and data as they will be deleted.

You will have to set your up like new after this and redownload apps you want to use. You can also use this when your phone cannot boot up successfully. Still you will lose all your files and personal data if you did this so do your best to create a backup before you actually do this procedure that is if your phone is still responding properly. If not, then you have no other choice but to compromise them in exchange of fixing your device. I hope that these tutorials can help you one way or another.

We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form. But rest assured we read every message we receive. How to do the soft reset on LG V40 ThinQ This is also what we call a Forced Reboot and you it will be helpful in dealing with a device that got frozen or unresponsive for some reason.With such a low frequency, the signal can travel further, providing LTE speeds to more Americans. But your phone also has to support this frequency, and so far, only a handful do.

At the time, the SoC of choice for Android devices was the Qualcomm Snapdragonwhich didn't include support by default. LG had to special order a variant of the SoC with different physical antennas for their flagship to support the new frequency, but most other OEMs didn't. Thankfully, brought the Snapdragonwhich included support for the new band across the board.

Going forward, this should be commonplace with all types of smartphone processors, not just the flagship-tier.

LG G7 vs LG V40

But while new chips have led to a significant increase in the number of phones which support Band 71, there are still some noticeable omissions, such as HTC, Nokia, and BlackBerry. T-Mobile knew that with over 90 million US iPhone users inthere would be no way they could make this new LTE band take off without support from the third largest smartphone OEM. Fortunately, T-Mobile was able to persuade Apple to include support. All new iPhones support the band, regardless of if you buy the device from T-Mobile or unlocked from Apple.

Despite their popularity on other networks, the latest Pixel devices from Google are only sold in-store by Verizon. However, the unlocked version works perfectly with T-Mobile, and according to the carrier, it even runs faster on their network. Since Verizon Pixels are internally identical to the unlocked version, these variants will also work on Band 71, but you will have to pay off the phone before switching carriers.

LG has been a large supporter of the new frequency, going as far as to launch the new LTE band with their newest device at the time, the LG V Unfortunately, either due to the cost, a request from T-Mobile, or some other reason, it appears LG is limiting devices which support this band to only T-Mobile's carrier phones.

Motorola currently sells two phones on T-Mobile, both of which support the MHz frequency. Additionally, the unlocked version of the Moto Z3 Play can be brought to the network and enjoy the extended coverage of LTE Band 71 as well.

While we're still wondering about the state of Razer mobile division, Razer still has two great gaming phones which they still support. For the occasion, OnePlus created two variants of the phone, one sold through their website and one sold in T-Mobile stores. Both included LTE Band 71 support, allowing them to take advantage of improved coverage. By far, the OEM with the most options is Samsung.That avoids the Android Mixer and upsampling to 48KHz.

Have you verified that PowerAmp does the same? Lots of people rave about PowerAmp for its ability to "improve" their music EQ, up-sampling etc. But what audiophiles care most about is whether it can play bit-perfect, unmolested directly to the DAC. All my tests are based on V30 with Nougat and Oreo. I cannot speak to V35 or Android Pie, since we don't have that for V30 yet.

If so, I would love to know about them. And so would a lot of other audiophile V30 users. Thank you in advance. No input streams. I understand now. Thank you for confirming about Poweramp. Personally I think because the codec driver doesn't implement it. When you mentioned other solutions on rooted phones, I was hoping you meant system-wide solutions, not just another app.

And now possibly Poweramp too, if confirmed. So we're covered there. Others want to use Spotify or Google Play Music or some other service, although audiophiles are more focused on Tidal and Qobuz because of the higher sound quality.

So if you have suggestions for how to address this system-wide on rooted phones, I am very interested. But I hope I am wrong, that it can be done with policy tweaks after all. I 've just came back to V35 for 3 days without rooting access so not enough time to research many things. My experience with Vibe X3, LG V10 before with Poweramp from their alpha version with checking the mixer path, dumping file, alsa output status I have to use ALSA or tinyalsa to check because with Vibe X3, I can check the kernel source code and it 's not the problem in kernel level.

We only can do it if anyone can rebuild the audioflinger, so we need the whole system source code. I don't think LG will public it. I checked this on G6 file. Mixer path is a good solution when we want to route the signal to Hi-res path, but this is not for everyone. About ALSA player,no. Wow ok this thread has been a read.

Android 11 for LG V40 and V50 ThinQ : Rumour Roundup

Just trying to learn tricks with my g8. Is this info applicable? And I wanted to clarify because a lot of this info was crazy thorough and went over my head.

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