Buzz in app

Buzz in app

From basic concept and strategy to design and execution, Buzz Apps builds outstanding video call applications. At Buzz Apps our sms marketing applications are highly effective to reach out customers. Send and receive pictures on any phone number with our advanced and highly secure MMS Applications. Our voice applications are efficient, flexible and affordable.

Buzz Apps design and develop premium business websites for small and large scale businesses, corporate companies, associations, government and fortune companies. Buzz Apps integration team has the experience and expertise to create any sort of word-press plugin and integrate with any third party site that your company utilizes to give your customers one of best web experience.

Give your clients and customers the opportunity to interact with your brand anywhere and anytime with a mobile solution from Buzz Apps. In this present modern era and in abundance with so many different devices for which to access. A responsive web design is ideal fit for any business.

Responsive design can be seen at any device mobile, tablet, pc, i-pad, notebook etc. Every company and organization needs a website that provides outstanding values to its customers.

We specialize in creating eye catching website designs that are affordable and eye catching. These days one of the most important things for any business is to have a professional online presence.

At Buzz Apps we can make your online web presence look better as compared with your competitors. Considered your any custom project completed in estimated period of time. Check out our recent sample works in portfolio. This will give you a tremendous idea of what we do and how we do. Design is much more than figuring out where to place products or things on a page which represents best.

Our team of professionals offers outstanding services in website design and development. Word-press is a perfect base at the World Wide Web for development.Free yourself from the clutter of having multiple modes of communication like phones, email, fax, pages, etc. Use a single unified app for all of your communication. As a healthcare provider or medical staff member you are able to download and use the Buzz app for FREE. Your patient's data is private and accessible to only authorized users.

Whether consulting with another healthcare provider or the patient themself you will never need to worry about security. A single unified platform to dramatically increase your communication productivity. Buzz has been developed with the healthcare professional in mind. Buzz feature-rich to dramatically improve the efficiency of your communication. Share images, videos, dictations and more.

Create a secure and trusted network of healthcare professionals and staff who are part of your daily workflow. Get your own personal Buzz phone number. Send or receive calls from anyone - landline or mobile. Record dictations to be sent to an individual or a group.

Send messages immediately or at a specified time. Conduct high quality secure video calls between you and your patients or with other members of your care team. Administrators and managers of a group can add and remove members easily and seamlessly. Search message groups for keywords, tags or flags; thus, making it easier to find critical information.

Get notified immediately when your messages have been viewed by each member of the group. Edit messages to fix those perky typos or wrongly stated information. Delete messages anytime if warranted. Belong simultaneously to multiple organizations if necessary. Seamlessly switch between the organizations.Trivia Bowl Buzzer is perfect for any fast-paced, Jeopardy!

buzz in app

Players use separate devices to buzz into the Game Host's device. Upon buzzing, the Player's device sounds and vibrates, and the Game Host's device indicates which Player has buzzed in, while preventing all other Players from buzzing in.

This app uses Bluetooth 4. It is therefore necessary that all devices update to the newest version of Trivia Bowl Buzzer. Disclaimer: Note also that, due to the nature of Bluetooth connections, various complications could potentially occur during gameplay.

As a result, the timing of buzzing might not always be accurate for example, distance might cause one device which actually buzzed in first not to register until after another device has buzzed in. Thus, this app should not be used for any high-stakes competition or in place of any high-accuracy buzzer system. Thank you for your understanding.

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If you have any questions or comments about Trivia Bowl Buzzer, kindly email triviabowlbuzzerios[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you very much! Scoring - Game Host can keep track of team and individual scores using custom-defined values for "Correct," "Incorrect," "Bonus," and "Penalty.

I just downloaded and paid for the host version of the buzzer app. I am a classroom teacher and really hoping to be able to display the buzzer through my Apple TV in the horizontal mode.

Finally. A HIPAA-Secure Communication Platform

Is there any way this could be updated? We are using this for jeopardy style games, and the buzzer is essential for my competitive class as they want to be able to clearly see who buzzed in first before running out of time to answer. We paid for the game host feature but the app had lots of bugs.

buzz in app

The app should remember all the players and their scores and allow players to reconnect if disconnected. Specially for game host, it should remember last setting and continue rather that restart the game. If the above two issues are resolved, then it would be an excellent app for jeopardy or other group games. This app seems to work very well although to host a game you have to upgrade. Players can use the free app.

We've had a couple of instances that the players were disconnected but it was easy enough to reconnect. The time and score functions are great in the host upgrade and I look forward to a few tweaks that will add to the value of the app for any quizbowl type event or game. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Trivia Bowl Buzzer is perfect for any fast-paced, Jeopardy! Sep 6, Version 2. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Harper Wallace. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.

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buzz in app

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buzz in app

If you need an App to plan Quizz with your friends, Sync Buzzer is made for you. Actually, It's just a Buzzer, but it offers a little more. You'll know who buzzed first, just like in a TV show. But how did it work? You just have to follow these few steps : - Connect all phones Manager and players on the same local network, for example, a WIFI access point.

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This feature is there to lock the player who have answered wrong, and let only the other players Buzz and try a new answer. The Buzzer can take three colors : - Red "turned off" : Buzzer locked, you can't Buzz. You can plan two types of Game : - Free for all : Every player joins the game by giving their name. And each of them have their own Buzzer. Let's hope you'll have enough phones :p - Team : The manager creates as many team as necessary when he creates the Game.

And when the players join the Game, they have to pick one of the team created by the manager. You can connect more than one phone to a team, and when the game start, they will be like connected to each other. The app allows players to join and leave the Game when they want to, but if you are in a Game "Free For All", if you leave the game, you'll lose your points. Above all, don't forget to connect all phones on the same WIFI network, or you won't be able to join a Game.

Have fun. Reviews Review Policy. View details.Want everyone to know that you've got the right answer! Four authentic Game Show sounds! Now with Gravity! The button moves with the phone! Download it! Also please click "BrennanMoyMedia" above to see some of our other great apps! Self contained app, no internet connection is required to annoy people!

Please do not use it to harass and terrorize people! Also it is advised that you do not connect it to an external speaker device or if you do keep it low.

If you blast some of these noises really loudly, as with any sound, you could really damage your hearing! Don't be an idiot, and don't hurt yourself or others. BrennanMoyMedia assumes no responsibility to damage you cause yourself, others, or to property!

We warned you, don't be a moron! Thanks and have fun with it! I am not happy with what ads just popped up on ny phone while using this app.

Multiple pictures of topless women revealing everything. Not cool!!! Very inappropriate and unwanted!!! Deleted this app immediately and will never use it again. It works as a buzzer, and as that is the title of the app, it serves its purpose well. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Want everyone to know that you've got the right answer!

Mar 16, Version 3. Bugs fixed. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size 11 MB.Senior Project Manager. Buzz is great! I installed both Web and mobile Versions in my organization, now all my people are connected!

Admin head. HR Head. Also, SMS to mobile device if Buzz user is offline. Free text, photo messages, file sharing and location sharing with users.

Funnier emoticons and expressive chats. Email individual conversation or group conversation. Facility to add number of users in group Free text, photo messages users Instantly integrated with contact lists Video, audio and photos using 2G, 3G or WI-FI Buzz, emoticons more fun and expressive chats Easy Recovery of Data 24 hours support.

Buzz is an easy, fast, effective and secured business Instant messaging service, to deal with real-word business requirements. Buzz offers a simple, streamed line interface and most importantly ensure complete security and privacy of data.

No need of separate boring mails I can comfortably update my billings to my boss in real time. I circulate my project agenda to custom-defined user groups without bothering any unconcerned person. I directly interact with my entire team even on the move for my creatives with the hassle-free file sharing option. Easy, fast, effective and secure service, to deal with real-world business requirements. Contact Us.

Ease of access to all your professional data at single place. Digital Asset Management. All communication between group members is securely encrypted and completely reliable to use in any type of business.

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