Altec enclosure guide

Altec enclosure guide

The loudspeakers are, by far, the most important component in any stereo system. If you are building a component stereo system from scratch, you should plan to spend about half of your entire budget on the loudspeakers.

altec enclosure guide

Speakers, after all, are where the sound comes from. Choosing the right loudspeakers for a home stereo music system is not easy. A simple physical inspection, without even turning the component on, can give a reasonable idea of how well it is made.

However, this is less true of loudspeakers, whose most crucial elements, the drivers, are hidden inside the enclosure. All you can see, even with the grill cloth removed, is the front of the cones and what is behind the cones is what matters most.

Loudspeakers are the least accurate of our components. They are the typical stereo system's biggest source of distortion, coloration, un-natural resonances and other problems. Unlike the electronic components, they interact with the listening room in which they are used, as well as the listener's ears.

The 2 Best Tarantula Enclosures in 2020 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

No two people hear sounds, especially music, identically and we play different kinds of music at different listening levels. All of this complicates speaker selection. Loudspeakers with high fidelity pretensions are usually provided with at least some specifications, but what and how much is revealed varies with the manufacturer. Usually, the more detailed the specifications, the better. It tends to indicate that the manufacturer has less to hide. Common loudspeaker specifications include the type and number of drivers, nominal system impedance usually 4, 6, 8 or 16 ohmssystem frequency response, efficiency, power handling, crossover points, physical dimensions and weight.

The impedance of a loudspeaker system varies with the frequency it is reproducing. The impedance specified is usually an "average low"; the system should not go much below that specified. Eight ohm systems are the most common and almost all home audio amplifiers can handle eight ohm speakers.

Four ohm speakers, especially if they dip below three ohms at some point, can be a problem, as the amplifier may begin to see them as a short; this can send an amp up in smoke. Today, these are usually professional speaker systems. However, most amplifiers that can handle eight ohm speakers can also handle 16 ohm speakers. The speaker system's frequency response is important, particularly at the low end. The most typically quoted frequency range for perfect human hearing is 20Hz to 20, Hz.

However, our hearing response is such that there is not much practical difference between a tweeter that extends to 17, Hz and one that goes all the way to 20, Hz or above. On the other hand, most people will definitely notice the difference between a speaker system that can reach 50 Hz and one that can reach 40 Hz or, even better, 30 Hz. To be meaningful, frequency response specifications must be accompanied by an indication of the allowable variation in loudness, expressed in decibels db.

The smaller the specified variation the better. In other words, decibels add up fast!Drawing on our extensive range of deck enclosures designs, Altec builds beautiful home extensions to suit any house. Designed to let in natural light without exposing your interior living spaces to the elements, a custom enclosure is a priceless addition to any property. Browse our gallery of screened patio deck enclosures, sunrooms and other home extensions to find inspiration for your design today.

Screened deck and patio enclosures can extend your living area outdoors so you can enjoy an open-air ambience all year round. Altec builds outdoor enclosures using a wide range of materials, including glass. As Brisbane locals, we know how unpredictable the climate can be in Southeast Queensland.

Browse our gallery of beautiful glass sunrooms to inspire your own design ideas. Altec builds bespoke home extensions in a wide range of designs, including screened enclosures, sunrooms, decks, patios and carports.

altec enclosure guide

With our design and building expertise, we can provide you with innovative outdoor living solutions. Working with a specialist builder like Altec will ensure you choose the right home extension for your property. We use building materials designed especially to keep out moisture, such as powder-coated aluminium windows and insulated wall panels. In addition to preventing water damage, these materials will keep your enclosure cool in summer and warm in winter. Ready to start designing your own waterproof outdoor enclosure?

Wondering what patio enclosures cost? Chat with our design experts today by calling us on 07 to book your no-obligation consultation, or make a booking online. Naturally, some terms and conditions apply. Book your Free Consultation! All Glory to HypnoToad. Enclosure and Sunroom Design Ideas Drawing on our extensive range of deck enclosures designs, Altec builds beautiful home extensions to suit any house.

Screened enclosure designs Screened deck and patio enclosures can extend your living area outdoors so you can enjoy an open-air ambience all year round.Altec is a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor, lights and signs, and tree care markets.

View Available Inventory. Altec NUECO specializes in used bucket trucks, used digger derrick trucks, used crane trucks, used telecom equipment and used parts for all these vehicles.

altec enclosure guide

Select one of the links below to begin your search. Altec's new Supply Store is here! Select one of the links below to begin your shopping experience:. Are you looking for an opportunity to build and grow your career?

altec enclosure guide

Are you looking for a way to make a difference? Or, searching for a path that leads to learning and fulfillment in an exciting, innovative environment? Well, you can find it here — at Altec. Visit the ALTEC supply store and Take advantage of the many benefits including ordering, tracking, viewing and reordering previous purchases. Register for your free account. When the LS60 is mounted on an under CDL chassis and equipped with a 2, lb winch, The operator can drive the truck and use crane functions to lift materials or work from the platform using the platform jib winch to lift materials.

Get More Info. When it comes to working in the oil and gas industry, increasing productivity is paramount to ensuring success on the job site and in your overall business. Learn more. When it comes to aerial jobs, no equipment can provide the highest level of safety and efficiency better than an Altec Aerial Device.

The attachment mounts on the existing boom-tip structures of any LS60, LS63, or LS87 unit to install electronic message boards as part of an existing sign. Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. We deliver products and services in more than countries throughout the world. Our customer commitment extends beyond our investment in design and manufacturing.Bringing home a new tarantula is a very exciting time.

There are so many different kinds of tarantulas with hundreds of different personalities and physical traits that will bring you tons of entertainment. There are several things to consider when building an enclosure for your new pet tarantula. This guide will help you to understand the needs of your individual tarantula and let you know exactly what they need in order to thrive.

If you watch video content about tarantulas or read several different tarantula blogs, you may note that people keep their tarantulas in a wide variety of different enclosures. While there are definitely some enclosures that are inappropriate for tarantulas, most are more than acceptable. Tarantulas are wild animals with millions of years of evolution behind them.

Altec Lansing 604 Hollywood + Utopia enclosure (cello test)

During this time, their bodies have become fine-tuned for surviving and thriving in the environments that they live in. As stated previously, tarantulas have special environmental needs that have developed over millions of years. Tarantulas can be classified into two groups when it comes to their enclosure setup, and those are arboreal and terrestrial tarantulas. Alternately, terrestrial tarantulas rarely climb off of the ground, opting instead to create burrows that they stay in most of the time.

Because of these differences, you need to know whether your tarantula is an arboreal or terrestrial species in order to create the perfect tarantula enclosure. On top of the general structure of their enclosure, they also have needs that are specific to each individual species. For instance, each species is native to one or several regions and thus is used to a certain climate. Therefore, humidity and temperature are both factors that need to be considered and properly maintained.

While all tarantula species are different, there is quite a bit of overlap between species in terms of their environmental needs. As long as terrestrial tarantulas are able to burrow and arboreal tarantulas can climb and create websmost of their needs are being met.

So, as long as the enclosure has all of the features that a tarantula needs, you can make it look as realistic or as sterile as you want. Realistic-looking enclosures are easily a crowd favorite, though.

Substrate will cover the bottom of the enclosure and serve quite a few features. Namely, this substrate will retain moisture within the enclosure and give terrestrial tarantulas a place to burrow. Many owners opt to dig out a burrow for their tarantula before-hand and reinforce it to help it last longer. In addition to substrate, rocks and fake plants help to make the enclosure look much more realistic, give the tarantula more places to hide, and provide anchor points for webbing. A water dish and a sizable tarantula hide are also essential for every tarantula species.

Not all tarantula enclosures are created equal. There are simply better tarantula enclosures out there that are higher-quality, more spacious, and better designed for tarantulas. With all of the different enclosures available on the market today, it may be stressful trying to find the perfect enclosure for your tarantula. Fortunately, there are some enclosures available that perfectly meet the needs of tarantulas.

Below are our two picks for the best tarantula enclosures — one for terrestrial species and the other for arboreal species. Fortunately, this Exo Terra enclosure is the perfect size for most terrestrials. It boasts square inches of floor space with room for several inches of substrate to be placed underneath door level. It also features a waterproof base, raised base to help with heat distribution, and even a decorative textured backdrop. The dual doors are well-constructed and allow for great accessibility within the enclosure for feeding and cleaning.

There is also a full screen top that allows for excellent lighting and ventilation and is built to be very secure. Overall, this enclosure is built to contain a wide variety of terrestrial tarantulas in style.By bracurrieFebruary 5, in 2-Channel Home Audio. Here in Nashville Altec A7s were all the rage in studios when they were introduced. I just met an older musician that did a lot of TV and recording from the early 50s here.

He has a set of A7s he wants to sell. All I know is that the horn is in an enclosure that has fabric in front to pretty it up. I haven't yet been able to find photos of that model. Using the horn with a LaScala bass bin or lower K-horn cabinet would probably be a good combination. It is difficult to give advice on this since the A7 cabinet could have many different parts inside. The woofer is usually a various versions or and the tweeter horn is usually a or but not always.

As Mark mentioned, over the years many have come up with alternative cabinets all large that typically decrease the port area extending the bass response lower. They sound okay in their stock form, but in order to shine they would need to be taken on as a project. Do a search on "Onken speaker cabinet". Some folks, but not all, really like that kind of sound. Just found a trail to photos myself. I also found this. Something like this. I'm someone that fell completely in love with Altec A7's about 8 or 9 years ago.

I bought a pair that had seen better days at a local pawn shop. So, I had the bass drivers re-coned and the high frequency diaphragms replaced by Great Plains Audio.

I then recovered the beat up cabinets with a rosewood vinyl and made grills from wheat colored guitar grill fabrick to cover the horns which were mounted in the slots.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site.

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During the course of her history, Altec Lansing manufactured some of the finest professional and high-end home audio products ever produced. Since many of these products are still in operation, and due to high demand for such a service, it seemed fitting to us to provide this, the most comprehensive source of scans of original literature for Altec Lansing products assembled anywhere.

Though the literature for every item Altec ever produced is not listed here, most of them are. Below, please find the literature we currently offer divided into appropriate categories. In the meantime, if you need something now, contact us. Lansing Heritage Altec Library. Information About Vintage Altec Lansing Products During the course of her history, Altec Lansing manufactured some of the finest professional and high-end home audio products ever produced. Altec Lansing Sales Brochures.

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